Introducing the 3D Styku body scanNew in the UK the Styku Body Scan

Having a Styku 3D body scan allows you to view your muscle tone and see in three dimensions,  exactly where you are losing fat mass. The Styku body scanner takes the surface measurements of your waist, chest, and arms and then puts together a 3D model that can be rotated, expanded, and zoomed from over 600 infrared images. For the first time, you will see a 3D scan of your actual body, not just some random numbers and not just an avatar.

Compare your measurements over time in a 3D visual

Getting scanned is simple. Just stand on the turntable and stay still for 30 seconds while the platform turns. With its incredibly precise high resolution infrared images, the Styku captures millions of data points in a matter of seconds in a fast, noninvasive and harmless process.  The Styku body scanner is a completely safe method of assessing the effectiveness of your workouts and nutritional programme.

Key landmarks are picked out on your body and used to produce incredibly accurate body surface measurements.  Your 3D image can be rotated, expanded, and angled to be able to get a complete picture of your profile, silhouette, and waist to hip ratio. Information can be viewed in 3-D, tracked and compared by laying one image on top of another when you have more than one scan.  It can be used to assess body symmetry and muscle imbalance and to analyse posture. The software also provides cross section measurements of the circumference of your body at the chest, waist, and hips.

Introducing the Styku 3D body scan

Introducing the Styku 3D body scan

Who would benefit from a 3D Body Scan?

Anyone wishing to see the impact their diet and training is having on their body shape.  Your “new” body can be placed on top of the “old” one so you can see exactly where the changes have occurred



The Styku body scanner will also calculate the number of workouts you need to do alongside a nutritional programme to reach your fat loss goals.  Movement is fundamental to good health and fitness and will increase your energy levels a thousand-fold.  Nothing is more inspiring than knowing exactly what you need to put in place in order to reach your goals.

The Styku is so safe that you can track your baby bump and marvel at the beautiful changes your body undergoes throughout pregnancy.

3D styku body scan


Keep a record of your key measurements over time, as well as calculate and track where you’ve gained or lost inches on your body and monitor the effectiveness of your diet and fitness programme.  You are more than just a number.

Hourly rate for a body composition analysis and assessment of your current health, diet and fitness goals – £150.00 includes bioimpedence analysis and a Styky Body Scan

Styku Body Scan only – £75.00 (£200.00 for three scans to be taken over a three-month period)