Client Information and Fees

Book in for an initial consultation and we can decide what arrangement will work best for you

Standard base level Package –  £529.99

What’s Included?

client information fees

Standard 4-session package includes

FREE Vitamin D test – from an evolutionary point of view vitamin D is one of the oldest hormones on earth.  The older a substance is, the more genes it influences and the greater the impact on our health.  It is essential that you keep your vitamin D levels within a healthy range.

Initial (60 minutes) and Second consultation (60 minutes) and two follow-up sessions of 60 minutes i.e. four sessions

Clinical psycho-neuro-immunology report (with food as medicine, supplement recommendations, exercise recommendations and psycho-social techniques if necessary)

Email and phone support through your programme

Fees are invoiced and payable after the initial consultation.  The initial consultation is where you and Fleur can decide whether you need the two stand-alone sessions or a package.  The package is recommended so that Fleur can monitor and guide you through and make any changes necessary over a two to three month period.  This is enough time for initial change to occur and benefits to be seen.


How does it work?

Step 1:  Pre consultation – Telephone – Before your consultation you have the opportunity to discuss your goals with me on the phone if desired.

After arranging the consultation, you will be emailed a Client Intake Form which should be filled out and emailed back in advance of your session or brought with you to the session.

 Step 2:  The Initial and Second Consultation – Your Initial  Consultation will be 60 mins or 90 mins for more complex cases and the Second Consultation will be 60.  At the initial consultation Fleur will discuss your goals, take a full medical case history and do a body composition analysis.  Further external biochemical testing is carried out if necessary. You will also be given a vitamin D skin prick test to do at home.

Research will then be done by Fleur looking at both genetic (genes) and epigenetic (lifestyle) factors that will have contributed to your condition and the role of the immune system within this.

Once areas of dysregulation or dysfunction within the immune system have been identified, you will receive an explanation of this process during your Second Consultation.  We will then jointly agree upon a bespoke protocol using the nutritional medicine/psycho-neuro-immunological approach. This will be emailed to you within 72 hours of your visit.

The protocol will include the following:

Client information and feesAn explanation of how your lifestyle including nutritional habits may be contributing to your symptoms

A bespoke dietary and lifestyle programme (includes nutrition, exercise recommendations/psycho-social techniques) designed specifically for your needs, emailed after the consultation and within 72 hours.

Personalised supplement programme designed to have therapeutic effect

Step 3: 2 Follow-up consultations Face-to-Face or via Skype – Follow-up consultations are booked in at the end of your initial consultation and last up to an hour.  They are used to check on progress, make adjustments where necessary and evaluate test results.  New recommendations and a graphical progress report will be provided.

Please note that cancellations and amendments to arranged sessions need to be made 24 hours in advanced.  Failing this, a full fee may be charged.  Clients may pay by BACS transfer, cash or cheque


Standalone Sessions

For those that want standalone sessions we offer these as a first and follow up appointment price £250.00 which includes a full report as above

Follow up / maintenance blocks of 4 session£395.00

Hourly rate for a body composition analysis and assessment of your current health, diet and fitness goals – £150.00 includes bioimpedence analysis

Half hour rate – £70.00