What is nutritional therapy within cPNI

What is cPNI?

cPNI is a cutting-edge scientific discipline that looks at how the systems of the body interact with each other. Your mind and body are inextricably linked through biochemical and nervous system pathways.  It is impossible to separate the psyche from the soma.  From an evolutionary aspect we are programmed for survival and so both your current environment and your past experiences will have an impact on your immune system and your level of health.  Once the pathway to ill health has been traced, the route back to optimal health can follow.

What is nutritional therapy within cPNI?

Our food contains many thousands of active compounds, in particular micronutrients and other phytochemicals. In isolation, a type of food or a certain nutrient can never be sufficient to achieve a desired result within the human body. By properly combining into a recipe, nutrients with ingredients that are similar and/or have synergistic activity, it is possible to create supplements and diets that act as preventive treatments and/or healing therapies.  Nutritional medicine is only effective when a basic diet is taken as a starting point and any added supplements and phytotherapeutics are allowed to work synergistically with the diet. All forms of food have a number of specific effects in the body, including effects on metabolism.

nutritional therapy

What is the benefit of combining physical activity with nutritional therapy?

Physical exercise has huge benefits for the immune system and metabolic system. Together, nutrition and physical activity form one of the most potent combinations for the treatment of many commonly occurring ailments.

Is supplementation necessary?

Modern western life puts great demands on our body. To keep functioning well, it requires many essential nutrients. However, due to intensive agriculture, the quality of our food has seriously deteriorated over the past decades. Even when a healthy diet is followed our bodies do not obtain sufficient nutrition from it. Therefore, supplementation with phytotherapeutics and nutritional supplements is necessary for good health and to prevent and treat common ailments.

What is the science of ‘resoleomics’  and how can inflammation be ‘resolved’through nutrition?

The term ‘resoleomics’ was introduced by Dr Charles Serhan and his colleagues in 1996.  Serhan concluded that from the onset to the conclusion of an inflammation, it is a controlled process of the immune system and not just a consequence of an ‘exhausted’ immune reaction.  Resoleomics is an evolutionary mechanism of restoring homeostatic balance after injury, inflammation and infection and should be able to bring a successful conclusion to the inflammatory process.  Major blocks to successful resoleomics may be modern Western diet and lifestyle, prolonged psycho-emotional stress, more than 72% of foods being new in an evolutionary sense, overuse of anti-inflammatory medication and low levels of the biochemical compounds needed in the process.

What you may receive from the clinical psycho-neuro-immunological approach is recommendations on the following:

  • Food as medicine i.e. nutritional therapy
  • Supplements aimed at a therapeutic result e.g. to reduce inflammation
  • Techniques to help reduce anxiety, depression, fear or anger or simply to help remove you  from a place where you feel stuck
  • Exercise recommendations that have a known benefit for the immune system.
  • A deeper understanding of how your immune system is functioning through the deep learning process.

What is the ‘deep learning’ process

It is a technique that is used to explain the biochemical and nervous system pathways to ill health and disturbed mechanisms of action.  It is designed to empower you to put in motion a required behavioral change.  It should enable you to be able to place yourself in the middle of your health problem with an active solution-oriented positive expectation of your future health.  Your questions will be answered, the set of symptoms explained as well as risk factors and disrupted body processes and how these can be improved.  You can actively participate in the path towards optimal health.

How can you support gene function and cellular health

Epigenetics is the discipline that studies the overriding effect our health and behavior have on our genes.  It works on top of genetics and determines which of our genes are switched on and off.  Our genotype is coded in our DNA but not all our genes are expressed in phenotype.  Nutrient-rich food, sufficient exercise, natural supplementation and a health environment have a great impact on our genes and disturbed mechanisms of action.