“Often I get clients in my clinic who have not been able to find answers elsewhere.  The clinical psycho-neuro-immunological approach joins up the dots for people”

Nutritional Therapist Fleur Borrelli in Putney and Chiswick London

Fleur-Borrelli-Nutritional-Therapy-London-1.jpgFleur is a Nutritional Therapist and a Psycho-neuro-immunology Clinician. She provides Nutritional Therapy from a clinical psycho-neuro-immunology perspective.  It is based on the latest developments in the fields of psychology, neurology and immunology underpinned by nutritional medicine. She views her approach as part preventative part regenerative medicine.

Fleur is very involved in weight management and the restoration of optimal health by providing the right environmental conditions that you are genetically designed for. To this end, she has co-written the hugely successful book ‘The In-Sync Diet’ with the actress Glynis Barber.

She has also done a lot of work in the field of autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia and gluten intolerance.  She recognizes that food contains thousands of healing plant chemicals that can make the difference between health and disease.

Her strong emphasis is on an anti-inflammatory approach and the regulation of blood sugar levels. She believes this focus will help to stem the tide of chronic lifestyle related illnesses such as chronic fatigue, depression, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, allergies and intolerances and neurodegeneration.  It will also enhance physical performance allowing athletes to achieve new levels of fitness whilst reducing muscle damage and injury.

‘I like to help people move forward.  We’ve all been stuck in our lives and felt there are no options.  There may be many.’

Fleur sees clients in Chiswick and Putney in London. She also has a virtual practice via Skype that means she can work with those who are not based in London.

‘I look forward to working with you.  When you come to me I will listen intently to your story.  This is important as many people feel they are never properly ‘heard’.  I will take the information you give me and combine it with the latest scientific research to develop a healthy eating plan tailored to you.  We will incorporate this with exercise recommendations and an explanation of how your immune system is functioning. You will learn what you can do to change your environment to move towards optimal health and vitality.’

Fleur’s Accreditation

Fleur obtained a BSc in Nutritional Medicine from the University of West London.  She then joined the team at Bodies Under Construction Chiswick and Putney (www.bodiesunderconstructionphysio.com) where she has run a clinic for the past ten years.

In 2012 she obtained a post graduate diploma in psycho-neuro-immunology from the Natura Foundation at the University of London.  She had completed four years of study at Masters level with the Natura Foundation, a scientific foundation based in Holland and looks forward to obtaining an MSc in psycho-neuro-immunology once the course has been accredited in the UK.

Fleur also maintains a high level of physical fitness.  She is a keen runner, cyclist and Vinyassa and Bikram yoga devotee.  She has completed her Level One training in Natural Movement Fitness. You will learn with Fleur how you can use movement and food to boost your fat burning capacity, increase your energy levels and sports performance and support your immune system to keep you well.