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Welcome to The In-Sync Diet Face-to-Face Fat Burn Programme with Fleur Borrelli

The In-Sync Diet is a joint collaboration between actress Glynis Barber and nutritional therapist Fleur Borrelli. Glynis had been a keen advocate of natural health and wellness for many years before she approached nutritionist Fleur for nutritional advice. Using an ‘evolutionary’ approach to nutrition, Fleur made changes to Glynis’ diet and lifestyle that revolutionised her thinking and The In-Sync Diet was borne.


First as a patient and then as co- author of The In – Sync Diet my life has been transformed ” – Glynis Barber


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Nutritional Therapy

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Nutritional Therapy & Clinical psycho-neuro-immunology

Did you know…



‘Chronic non communicable diseases (NCD’s) are the leading cause of work absence, disability, and mortality worldwide.  Most of these diseases are associated with low-grade inflammation

Pruimboom L and Karin de Punder.  Stress induces endotoxemia and low-grade inflammation by increasing barrier permeability.  Frontiers in immunology 15 May 2015

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