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Protecting brain health via gut health

Protecting your brain health can now be done, research suggests, via your gut health. What we already know is that the more diverse our microbiome, the healthier we tend to be and the better our brain health.  Gut microbial diversity flourishes when we are eating more than 30 different types of plant per week.  And [...]

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Radish and Seafood Soup

Radish and seafood soup               Seafood can be rich in zinc and thyroid supporting nutrients like selenium and iodine.  In the UK we never tend to eat enough iodine rich foods such as fish or algae.  Thyroid hormone converts cholesterol into bile acids which help us to digest fat [...]

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How a burst of heat can do you good

How a burst of heat can do you good The In-Sync Diet aims to gently nudge you to achieve your goals even if at first this does not feel completely comfortable.  We know that mild triggers such as undertaking physical exercise on an empty stomach or allowing yourself to get a little thirsty before properly [...]

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Are you still responding to your hormones? Part One Insulin

Are you still responding to your hormones?  Part One Insulin natural aging male body Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas each time you eat.  It is principally known as the body’s blood sugar regulator.  This is because it tells your muscle cells and fat tissue to take up glucose from the [...]

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Are you metabolically flexible – can you burn fat?

Are you metabolically flexible - can you burn fat Metabolic flexibility means to be able to switch between energy sources in the body whilst on the move, according to need.  So what are the energy sources supplied to us by the movement of muscles? From the time we set off all our energy systems will [...]

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Ethiopian Spiced Chicken Recipe

Ethiopian Spiced Chicken This is a recipe bursting with flavour and rich in health boosting spices that will help you to spring into Spring! Spices are full of anti bacterial, anti viral properties that your immune system will love. Turmeric for example is a super spice that is known as an anti carcinogen. As a [...]

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When two neurons fire together they wire together

Unfortunately we can’t trick the brain when it comes to calories.  While the rest of the body relies on glucose and fat as an energy source, the brain gets its energy boost from glucose alone.  This does not mean we should eat sugar to boost energy, but it does mean that when we taste it, [...]

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Winter Health

Winter Health   Winter officially begins when British Summer Time or Daylight Saving Time ends.  At the end of autumn the clocks are adjusted so that nights become longer and as a consequence, days shorter.   A study of DNA has shown that we have all originated out of Africa (1).  This would suggest that we [...]

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How to make The In-Sync Diet work for you as a vegan

More and more we are seeing how a plant based diet is vital from optimal health because of its richness in phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as providing plenty of fibre for digestive health.   Essential fats for a healthy inflammatory response to injury A study published in 2014 found the risk of cancers [...]

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Cholesterol friend or foe?

  Cholesterol plays a huge role in the function of your body.  It is necessary for the structure of your brain, it goes towards producing certain hormones, it forms part of every membrane of every cell in your body and it is also made into bile acids to help you digest fat. 80% of cholesterol [...]

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