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Are you metabolically flexible – can you burn fat?

Are you metabolically flexible - can you burn fat Metabolic flexibility means to be able to switch between energy sources in the body whilst on the move, according to need.  So what are the energy sources supplied to us by the movement of muscles? From the time we set off all our energy systems will [...]

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How to make The In-Sync Diet work for you as a vegan

More and more we are seeing how a plant based diet is vital from optimal health because of its richness in phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as providing plenty of fibre for digestive health.   Essential fats for a healthy inflammatory response to injury A study published in 2014 found the risk of cancers [...]

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Why I am recommending The Metabolic Balance programme

The Metabolic Balance Programme The German nutritional programme Metabolic Balance (MB) came to Britain in 2008.  It is designed to reset your hormone levels, particularly insulin in order to be able to regulate the amount of fat you store in the body. Insulin is a storage hormone that stops us accessing our fat stores. The [...]

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Don’t be too quick to turn your heating on

Don’t be too quick to turn the heating on The minute the temperature drops below a certain point, on goes the central heating. We live in within a culture of convenience and we don’t like to get cold. Thermostats ensure that rooms are kept at a constant ambient temperature. But is this really to our [...]

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Nutrition for Depression

 Is chronic depression really down to a serotonin imbalance? According to NHS 2012 statistics, anti-depressant prescriptions in the UK jumped by nine point six per cent in 2011 to 46 million prescriptions. How do anti-depressants work and are they effective? The majority of anti-depressive medication acts on serotonin signalling. Serotonin acts as a neurotransmitter, a type [...]

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