Protecting brain health via gut health

Protecting your brain health can now be done, research suggests, via your gut health. What we already know is that the more diverse our microbiome, the healthier we tend to be and the better our brain health.  Gut microbial diversity flourishes when we are eating more than 30 different types of plant per week.  And [...]

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Ethiopian Spiced Chicken Recipe

Ethiopian Spiced Chicken This is a recipe bursting with flavour and rich in health boosting spices that will help you to spring into Spring! Spices are full of anti bacterial, anti viral properties that your immune system will love. Turmeric for example is a super spice that is known as an anti carcinogen. As a [...]

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Cholesterol friend or foe?

  Cholesterol plays a huge role in the function of your body.  It is necessary for the structure of your brain, it goes towards producing certain hormones, it forms part of every membrane of every cell in your body and it is also made into bile acids to help you digest fat. 80% of cholesterol [...]

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Don’t skimp on the salt

Both the British Heart Foundation and the American Heart Association recommend no more than 1 teaspoon of salt per day.  Any more than this, they say may raise your blood pressure and increase your risk of developing coronary artery disease. But is this really case the case? Apart from making food taste better, salt has [...]

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Why its superfood not superfoods

  We should be focusing on superfood and not superfoods ....... Eating blueberries or seaweed every day won’t make you live to be a hundred years old.  But including a variety of colour in your diet and having a rich selection of nourishing foods will go a long way to contributing to healthy ageing. A [...]

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