Get your biorhythm back

Get your biorhythm back

Did you know that the more routine your daily habits, the further you move away from what is your natural rhythm.  This is because going by the clock prevents you from making decisions about your needs at a particular time.  Instead you make decisions based on the time of day and that may not be in your best interest.

We all have a natural rhythm that is regulated by a master clock gene in the brain.  It is this rhythm that wakes you up in the morning through a cascade of hormones nervous system activity and determines when you feel sleepy at night.  Every organ and tissue in your body has a clock that is regulated by circadian (day-night) rhythm and it is important that you stay in-sync. By listening to what you really need rather than what you want,     your brain is still the master controller of your body.

So how can you implement this into everyday life?

  • Go to bed at the right time and get the right amount of sleep. Most of us need around seven to eight hours and more than this or less can be detrimental.  Go to bed when you feel sleepy and avoid coffee or computer screens emitting blue light at night.
  • Eat when you are hungry and not in case you get hungry or because food is available. Food intake at regular times of the day or eating too frequently can upset the delicate balance that allows your brain to detect when you really are in need of more energy.
  • Move before you eat. Genetically we belong to a time when we would have had to move to find food.  We are programmed to become very energy efficient when we exercise first then rest and digest.
  • Drink plenty when thirsty but do not punctuate your day with the constant intake of water. Your natural inclination as a child was correct.

By living In-Sync you will be better prepared to meet the challenges ahead.  We (The In-Sync Diet) wish you a happy and prosperous 2017Get your biorhythm back