Interventions for Autoimmune Disease – a clinical psycho-neuro-immunology perspective NOW DELIVERED DIGITALLY

Your immune system is a complex network of systems in your body that keep you alive.  However autoimmune problems occur when your immune systems has been continuously activated over a number of years.   This can be a result of adverse childhood experiences, early life trauma and chronic life stress that keep it activated on a long term basis.

Your brain communicates with your immune system through the autonomic nervous system and through hormonal activity. Both pathways generate signals that are perceived by the immune system via receptors on the surface of white blood cells and other immune cells. An activated immune system generates chemical messenger signals called cytokines that produce inflammation and are also picked up by the nervous system. This two-way communication pathway connects your brain and your immune system with your hormones and your entire physiology.  For disease to occur there will be typically one or two ‘last straws’ i.e. stressful events that push you towards a new pathway of immune behaviour.

Examples of autoimmune disease:

Rheumatoid arthritis

Type I Diabetes

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus


Autoimmune Thyroid Diseases


What you will receive in your consultation:

Nutritional Medicine designed to support a healthy inflammatory process that comes to resolution
Exercise as Medicine to support inflammatory processes
Deep Learning – guidance on the most successful treatment strategy

Book in for an initial consultation and we can decide what arrangement will work best for you

Standard base level Package –  £529.99 NOW DELIVERED DIGITALLY

What’s Included?

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Standard 4-session package includes

FREE Vitamin D test – from an evolutionary point of view vitamin D is one of the oldest hormones on earth.  The older a substance is, the more genes it influences and the greater the impact on our health.  It is essential that you keep your vitamin D levels within a healthy range.

Initial (60 minutes) and Second consultation (60 minutes) and two follow-up sessions of 60 minutes i.e. four sessions

Clinical psycho-neuro-immunology report (with food as medicine, supplement recommendations, exercise recommendations and psycho-social techniques if necessary)

Email and phone support through your programme

Fees are invoiced and payable after the initial consultation.  The initial consultation is where you and Fleur can decide whether you need the two stand-alone sessions or a package.  The package is recommended so that Fleur can monitor and guide you through and make any changes necessary over a two to three month period.  This is enough time for initial change to occur and benefits to be seen.