Testimonials - Fleur Borrelli The In-Sync Diet weight loss programme

Testimonials….what our clients say about The In-Sync Diet weight loss programme….

“ First as a patient and then as co- author of The In – Sync Diet my life has been transformed ” Testimonials - Fleur Borrelli The In Sync Diet weight loss programme 

Glynis Barber

” I did 7.5 miles first thing this morning and then did not feel hungry until mid-afternoon. Also, as you predicted a few weeks ago, my times are now returning to former levels and I have more energy and feel better afterwards. The final bonus is that I now have a lot less pain in my knees post-running than I did pre-In-Synch. Add in the 25lb weight loss, which has been easy to maintain despite numerous visitors recently, and I am a total In-sync convert. Thank you.”

Clive Mitchell

‘ I spend sooooo long talking about life as an #‎insycer‬‬‬‬‬! Every day I’m still explaining. Love it. My dash for home was delayed by yet another 15min convo. What I find amazing is how people still see me losing weight but mainly it’s body shape. Chuffed.”

Di Oliver

” I have just completed the 8 week program! What a ride, I have done various clean eating programs in my life, but this one is the best and easiest to do. I found that I can eat according to the diet rules and still eat with my husband, without making any mistakes.

I have re-found my love for making all of my own food, and that includes mayonnaise!!! I am now on to the maintenance  part, but I think I will stick more with the last phase of the program.”

Emma Jones

I can’t remember when I last felt so good both physically and mentally.

Debbie Harding

I’m squeezing myself into a little red dress for a gathering on Friday. Would not have even considered this when I started this plan last year and two stone heavier!

Ann Moore