The Metabolic Balance Programme

Why I am recommending The Metabolic Balance programme

The German nutritional programme Metabolic Balance (MB) came to Britain in 2008.  It is designed to reset your hormone levels, particularly insulin in order to be able to regulate the amount of fat you store in the body. Insulin is a storage hormone that stops us accessing our fat stores. The key to the success of the programme is a blood test which determines which food items work best with your unique body chemistry.

So why are we having to watch our diet in the first place?  The answer has to lie with our evolutionary history.  Technically we are still back in the Stone Age era! This is because our genes only adapt to their surroundings incredibly slowly – about zero point five per cent in a million years!  Genetically we are still hunter gatherers living in a modern world with modern stressors and food that is available on every street corner. We don’t have to go very far before we find something to eat.  Because of this we are never really tapping into our reserves i.e. stored fat.

As long as we are moving around, we really can manage for quite a few hours without needing to eat.  We have systems in place to provide glucose which is our main energy source without having to rely on food which is something a stone-age person would not have been able to do anyway.  The body can make glucose from most substances in the body, it just is not being trained anymore to do so.

Why I am recommending the Metabolic Balance programme

The fantastic part about Metabolic Balance for me is that it fits right into this evolutionary model.  Rather than advising you to eat little and often as most diets do, MB encourages you to have a least five hours between meals which means you really do have to tap into your fat stores.  You are encouraged to drink plenty of water when thirsty not when you feel you should in case you get thirsty which is completely unnatural and stops you from listening to signals from your body.  And best of all the foods provide you with all the nutrition you need and help to keep appetite at bay whilst helping you to burn off the flab.  From clinical experience, if you can follow their  guidelines you will be successful.

Why I am recommending The Metabolic Balance programme