Are you still responding to your hormones?  Part One Insulin

Are you still responding to your hormones ? Part One Insulin

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Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas each time you eat.  It is principally known as the body’s blood sugar regulator.  This is because it tells your muscle cells and fat tissue to take up glucose from the blood to produce energy.

The problems start when there are regularly high amounts of glucose in the bloodstream.  The most common cause of this is having excess carbohydrates in the diet.  The more sugary or high starch foods you eat, the more insulin is produced to try and regulate the excess sugar.  Eventually the whole system becomes overworked and insulin cannot do its job anymore and the blood stream remains flooded with sugar.  This is what is known as insulin resistance and is typically the situation with diseases that are part of Metabolic Syndrome such as Type II Diabetes as well as hormone issues and skin problems such as acne.

High amounts of sugar in the bloodstream are damaging to the blood vessels.  But with insulin resistance, the insulin system is no longer working to take it to the muscles and fat cells. The liver then has to coming into play as an emergency measure to convert the glucose into fat which it sends to be stored in fat cells around the waist until it is needed as a fuel source.  This is typically the situation with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

To reduce your insulin levels make sure you are eating a diet high in protein and plant foods such as The In-Sync Diet.  Aim to exercise on empty so you burn fat and be mindful of your portion control.  Slowly your cells will start to respond better to insulin, you will begin to store less weight around the middle and succumb less to food cravings.