If you want a structured dietary programme that tells you what you can and can’t eat according to your blood analysis then this is for you. It even gives you options!

What is Metabolic Balance?

It is an award winning diet for healthy weight management developed by doctors in Germany.  It is a good place to start if you are new to managing your weight or if you have health issues.

What makes Metabolic Balance different?

It is a diet based on your individual metabolic profile.  It uses blood analysis to generate an eating plan tailor-made for you according to your metabolic profile.

It is not to be confused with the blood type diet.  It is based on analysis of your results not your blood type.  It is a four-phased programme incorporating a healthy balanced diet.  You eat three meals per day, choosing the foods you want to eat from your personal foods list based on your blood test analysis.  You can get all the foods you need from the supermarket.

How does Metabolic Balance work?

It helps balance your hormones and overall health by regulating the amount of insulin you produce.  It is therefore ideal for menstrual problems or to help support you through the menopause.  It promotes fat burning and weight loss and can help with the following health problems:

Type II Diabetes

Insulin Resistance



High Cholesterol


Skin Problems


How much does Metabolic Balance cost?

The cost of the programme is £950.00 and includes the following:

  • A comprehensive functional blood test with the Doctor’s Laboratory.  This gives a complete overview of your health, including kidney function, cholesterol, liver function, thyroid hormone levels and iron. A functional blood chemistry report outlining nutrient deficiencies and organs and systems that may need extra support may be added on at a cost of £85.00
  • An individualised easy-to-follow programme based on your unique blood analysis designed by the Metabolic Balance doctors.
  • Six face-to-face consultations with an option for Skype or Zoom
  • Email and telephone support

What will happen at the initial consultation?

At the initial consultation your medical case history will be taken and your goals will be discussed.  Your body composition and cellular health will then be measured.  You will then be sent for your blood tests and asked to book in for a second consultation once your results have been received.    At the second consultation you will be coached through your individualised programme.

Fernando Faria.  London

I signed up to Metabolic Balance in September 2018 with two objectives: one, healing a long term post-surgery inflammation on my hips and two, a long term sustainable solution to lose weight, therefore decreasing the load my hips would carry. 

Under the guidance of the great coach Fleur Borrelli, I achieved both objectives within the expected timeframe. 
Fleur’s patient support was instrumental, especially during the first few weeks when I was adjusting to the programme. Not only during the sessions but over several follow-up emails, whenever I needed clarification Fleur was always available and happy to help. This was a significant factor for my success. 
The programme is very detailed and for someone like me who thrives on routine it was a perfect fit. I lost over 14lb of fat within 3 months, my hip pain is gone, went from 11 to 7 in visceral fat and, most importantly, not for a minute have I felt weak, dizzy, unproductive, craving or any of the things I feared when I signed up. 
Metabolic Balance was really transformational and well worth the investment. Now that I’ve completed the programme, I’ve decided to continue the same eating habits and have therefore decided to change my long term lifestyle because of the incredible results. 
Thank you Fleur and the entire MB team.