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The In-Sync Diet Face-to-Face Fat Burn Programme

 Measure your body fat, set fat loss goals, see exactly where the inches are coming off and track your progress. 

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Big Savings for GROUPS  of four or more friends to work together 

“ First as a patient and then as co- author of The In – Sync Diet my life has been transformed ”  Glynis Barber

“The missing link between mind and body, diet and exercise”


What is The In-Sync Diet Face-to-Face Fat Burn Programme

The In-Sync Diet Face-to-Face Programme is an eight – twelve week fat burning programme with two extra days at the beginning for a gentle cleanse to switch your metabolism into fat-burning mode.

Because it introduces intermittent fasting it is a slightly tougher approach for those who have done Metabolic Balance or want to burn fat quickly.

      • Questionnaire to help identify key reasons weight gain and what you can do to prevent this followed by a food, drink and exercise plan tailored to your goals.
      • Free access to the online The In-Sync Diet Six-Step Plan – Four Pillars of Health (Eat, Drink, Move, Rest) in Six Phases designed to move you towards your fat loss goal. Additional resource material in our Myths and Science Section 
      • Six face-to-face consultations with cutting edge bioimpedence analysis to assess biomarkers of success such as reduction in fat mass, increase in total body water and increase in lean muscle tone. These include two x one hour sessions and four half hour sessions.
      • Access to our exclusive members FaceBook page
      • Optional extra Comprehensive Female/Male hormone Profile looking at sex hormones, stress hormones and thyroid function (+£290.00)
    • Phone and email support through the programme

Programme price £695.00

Be proactive, begin with the end in mind, put first things first

The In-Sync Diet Face-to-face Fat Burn Programme

The In-Sync Diet – What our clients say

” I did 7.5 miles first thing this morning and then did not feel hungry until mid-afternoon. Also, as you predicted a few weeks ago, my times are now returning to former levels and I have more energy and feel better afterwards. The final bonus is that I now have a lot less pain in my knees post-running than I did pre-In-Synch. Add in the 25lb weight loss, which has been easy to maintain despite numerous visitors recently, and I am a total In-sync convert. Thank you.”

Clive Mitchell

‘ I spend sooooo long talking about life as an #‎insycer‬‬‬‬‬! Every day I’m still explaining. Love it. My dash for home was delayed by yet another 15min convo. What I find amazing is how people still see me losing weight but mainly it’s body shape. Chuffed.”

Di Oliver

” I have just completed the 8 week program! What a ride, I have done various clean eating programs in my life, but this one is the best and easiest to do. I found that I can eat according to the diet rules and still eat with my husband, without making any mistakes.

I have re-found my love for making all of my own food, and that includes mayonnaise!!! I am now on to the maintenance  part, but I think I will stick more with the last phase of the program.”

Emma Jones

Since I started seeing Fleur I’ve lost 14% body fat and I’m still losing weight!  For me, the progress was slow and steady.  But as someone who has been every size from 8 to 18, the steady going makes me feel more confident that this will finally be a lasting change.  I’d tried other diets before, but the tiny tweaks Fleur made to my eating and exercise habits (and especially my water intake!) is what made all the difference.  I was eating real food and to be honest, much more food than I’d been eating previously!  I feel better than ever and I’m very grateful to Fleur for all of her guidance.

Sirena Riley


Book now for an initial consultation to discuss your
goals and your suitability for the programme.